>>> Please Read Before Sending Us Mail! <<<
DATAMP is a historical research tool, run entirely by volunteers
We all have real jobs, and do this because we love old tools and their history-- don't make us regret making this a public resource!

We will NOT answer questions on how much a tool is worth.

We do NOT sell or buy these tools, or parts for them.

We can NOT put you in touch with the manufacturer, or someone to help you find replacement parts.

Send us an email like the above, and it will be ignored.

If the patent is not in the database, it means we haven't gotten to it yet. If you want to help rectify this, then volunteer to be a data steward.

We DO welcome additional information, and especially dedicated volunteers to help us fill in the holes in our data. If you would like to volunteer, please check our data steward FAQ.

I understand the above and still want to send you mail...
Never mind...