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US Patent: 4,967,613
Reversible Adjustable Wrench
Richard E. Cone - Dayton, OH

USPTO Classifications:
81/166, 81/175

Tool Categories:
wrenches : wrench adjustment types : screw adjust wrenches

SDE Investments, Inc. - Sturgis, MI
Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company - Sturgis, MI


none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jul. 11, 1989
Granted: Nov. 06, 1990

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Richard E. Cone patent November 6, 1990
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Frank H. Foster - patent attorney


The subject invention relates to the art of adjustable wrenches. The adjustable wrench of this invention is particularly suited for the gripping of hex head fasteners. The adjustable wrench has a handle portion and a head portion. The head portion has two downwardly extending jaws. One jaw is stationery, the other being moveable. The moveable jaw moves in an elongated slot which is integral with the head portion. The moveable jaw and the elongated slot incorporate opposing interlocking surfaces which cooperate in such a manner as to support the moveable jaw during usage. The moveable jaw is connected to an adjusting means which may be an adjusting screw and an adjusting nut. The adjusting means controls the fixed relationship between the moveable jaw and the fixed jaw. In the embodiment which utilizes an adjusting screw its movement and hence the movement of the moveable jaw is controlled by the rotation of an adjusting nut. The assembly of the moveable jaw into the head portion may be effected through the aperture which contains the adjusting nut. The moveable head, adjusting screw and adjusting nut are fully supported in the head portion. The adjustable wrench of this invention is reversible and may be used in tight quarters. In the preferred embodiment the jaws of the adjustable wrench have 120 degree angled faces.

Two foreign patents and U.S. patent nos. 164,867 and 1,359,403 are cited as references.

Examples are known bearing CRAFTSMAN and STANLEY brand names.

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