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US Patent: 1,362,014
Pipe Wrench
Gottfrid C. Lawson - Cleveland, OH

USPTO Classifications:
81/101, 81/DIG3

Tool Categories:
wrenches : pipe wrenches
wrenches : wrench adjustment types : screw adjust wrenches


U. S. Hame Co. - Cleveland, OH
Fairmont Tool & Forging - Cleveland, OH
USHCO Mfg. Co. - Buffalo, NY
Lawson Mfg. Co. - Cleveland, OH

John A. Bommhardt
Robertson Bowie

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 10, 1920
Granted: Dec. 14, 1920

Reissue Information:
Reissued as RE15,674 (Aug. 14, 1923)

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The adjustable jaw passes through a slot in the shank, with the adjusting knurl in a second slot at right angles. The patent describes "C" springs inside the adjusting knurl which act to hold the adjustment, but these springs aren't found in known examples. Improved by Lawson's Nov. 5, 1929 patent (no. 1,734,734).

The form is very similar to the FRANKLIN pipe wrench as produced by Eaton, Cole and Burnham (patent no. 345,777).

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