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US Patent: 1,074,152
Alternating-current motor
Henry L. Zabriskie - Westfield, NJ

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Diehl Manufacturing Co. - Elizabeth, NJ

Not known to have been produced

William P. Stewart
Henry A. Kornemann, Jr.

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Applied: Feb. 01, 1913
Granted: Sep. 30, 1913

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Diehl Manufacturing Co.
I love this line because it shows how much things have changed electrically in the past century: "When a series wound motor of usual type is wound to run at a certain speed, with a given load, on a one hundred and thirty-three cycle current, at, say one hundred and ten volts, if the periodicity (line frequency) is decreased, keeping the voltage constant, the motor will tend to speed up and overload itself. This effect will increase with decreasing periodicity, until at a current of twenty-five cycles the motor will have run away and be dangerously overloaded."

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