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US Patent: 1,979,333
Power Transmitting Apparatus
Ernest R. Llewellyn - Arlington, MA

USPTO Classifications:
310/75R, 310/78, 475/149

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal shapers

Hendey Machine Co. - Torrington, CT

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 17, 1930
Granted: Nov. 06, 1934

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Hendey Machine Co. History
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Hendey Machine Co.
Roberts, Cushman & Woodbury - patent attorneys

Original application 07 Oct, 1930. Divided and this application filed 22 Apr, 1932.


It is customary to equip machines of this general character with an individual drive which may comprise a driving, motor or other prime mover and reduction gearing. For some classes of work it is sometimes possible to provide a multiple speed driving motor having operating speeds and other characteristics corresponding to those required for certain operations of the machine. Whenever this can be done it is advantageous to transmit power directly from the motor to the machine, as this not only avoids any loss of power through gearing, but also eliminates the possibility of chatter marks on the work due to tooth impact of the gearing, and in general tends to improve the operating efficiency. In other cases it may be desirable to increase the utility of a machine by making available a number of lower operating speeds such as may be obtained by using a multiple speed motor with a speed reduction unit. Difficulty has been encountered with mechanism available heretofore for actuating the operating members of machines of the class described. For instance the ram of a shaper is commonly actuated by apparatus including spur gearing. While theoretically the gear teeth may be formed to assure a rolling contact and a smooth uniform flow of power, it is found in actual practice that impacts sometimes occur as the teeth come into engagement. These impacts cause the transmission of power to be uneven and produce irregularities in the stock being machined. To overcome these undesirable results it has frequently been necessary to lap the gear teeth or to resort to other expensive operations which from a manufacturing point of view it is highly desirable to avoid. Objects of the present invention are to improve the construction of apparatus of the class described so as to overcome the aforementioned difficulties; to improve the efficiency as well as to increase the utility of speed-change power transmitting sets by providing for transmitting power either directly from a prime mover or through speed-change mechanism; to improve the operation and to reduce the cost of machine tools of the class referred to by providing improved operating mechanism therefor; to provide improved power delivering and transmitting mechanism preferably in the form of an individual drive unit of general utility which is particularly adapted for use with machines having the aforementioned improvements; and also to provide apparatus of the class described having an improved construction and arrangement of parts.

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