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US Patent: 1,979,443
Headstock for Lathes
Constant Bouillon - Torrington, CT

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metalworking machines : metal lathes : engine lathes

Hendey Machine Co. - Torrington, CT

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Patent Dates:
Applied: Sep. 28, 1931
Granted: Nov. 06, 1934

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Hendey Machine Co. History
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Hendey Machine Co.
Ernest R. Llewellyn - patent attorney


This invention relates to headstocks for lathes and machines of like character and more particularly to back gearing and step cone pulley mountings for rotating the work spindle of the headstock embodied in machines of this type. In lathe, headstocks provided with step-cone pulley driving means, it has been the conventional practice to provide the pulley with plain bearings freely rotatable and supported on the work driving spindle. The pulley is usually provided with four steps of varying diameters capable of producing a desired range of speeds when engaged with the work spindle. To produce an additional range of speeds to the work spindle, the headstock is provided with back gearing which, when in engagement, is capable of doubling the number of speeds obtainable through the direct engagement of the step-cone pulley with the work spindle. When utilizing the speeds obtainable through the direct engagement of the step-cone pulley, the number of revolutions of the pulley and work spindle are the same, both members rotating as one unit. When the pulley is driving the work spindle indirectly, through the back gearing, the pulley, and work spindle are rotating at different speeds to one another according to the gear ratio employed. The above construction and required arrangement of parts, due to the limitations of space and, speed requirements, necessitated that the pulley with a driving, pinion attached thereto, be rotatably mounted directly on the work spindle with plain bearings. This construction is productive of excessive wear and friction, when the headstock is operated excessively with the back gearing in engagement. The usual headstock frame, having back gearing, is provided with back arms adapted to have rotatably mounted therein eccentric bearing bushings which have rotatably supported therein the opposed ends of the back gear quill. A connecting member extends freely through the quill and is secured in the opposed eccentric bushings so that they may be rotated in direct relation. Through a partial rotation of the eccentric bushings the back gearing is engaged and disengaged with the driving member. Accordingly, the object of my present invention is to so construct and arrange the step-cone pulley and members associated therewith, as required in a headstock of the above referred to type, so as to permit the inter-positioning of anti-friction bearings between the step-cone pulley and the work spindle. A further object is to provide an anti-friction bearing mounting, within eccentric housings, for the back-gearing quill. With the above members so constructed and arranged I have reduced to a minimum the amount of effective wear and friction between the rotating members which is inherent and well known with the plain type of bearing.

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