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US Patent: 527,592
James M. Cochran - Jackson, TN

USPTO Classifications:
81/112, 81/321, 81/333

Tool Categories:
wrenches : alligator wrenches


M. M. Buck Mfg. Co. - St. Louis, MO

L. C. Hills
S. V. Hayden
Jno. Magloney
W. D. Martin, Sr.

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 11, 1894
Granted: Oct. 16, 1894

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James M. Cochran patent October 16, 1894, with M.M. BUCK MFG. Co. COCHRAN*S Patent No. 3 - photo courtesy Don Haury
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Produced as Cochran's Universal Pipe Wrench by the M.M. Buck Company of St. Louis, MO. The link that holds the adjustment can be slid off to allow the teeth to be sharpened. The spring holds the jaws apart, with the connecting link set in notches in the sides of the jaws to hold the size adjustment.

Known example marked "M. M. BUCK MFG. CO. - NO 3 1/8 TO 1-1/2 - COCHRAN*S PAT. OCT. 16, 94" is 14 inches long.

The wrench was chosen for miniature reproduction as the 2014 MISSOURI VALLEY WRENCH CLUB COMMEMORATIVE wrench.

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