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US Patent: 171
Ore Washer
Frederick Fredly - Logan Township, Center County, PA

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specialty machines : ore processing apparatus


Not known to have been produced

William T. Adams
William Blakenery

Patent Dates:
Granted: Apr. 20, 1837

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Operation: The cistern being filled about 12, 24, or more inches according to the diameter of the agitator—the agitator is set in motion by any convenient power—the unwashed ore is put in at the upper, and is 55 directed to the lower end by its rotary motion and the position of the inclined strips— the ore thus washed passes through the apertures at the lower end into the inclined spouts from whence it is discharged into a 60 receiver or upon an inclined board which conveys it away. At the same time the scoops at the upper end lift the water from the cistern and discharge it into another cistern, or into a trough which conveys it 65 again into the cistern, thus causing a current from one end to the other. The water is discharged through the gate at the end of the cistern.

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