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US Patent: 1,637,969
Feeding Mechanism for Metal Working Machinery
Augustus M. Sosa - Cincinnati, OH

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metalworking machines : metal shapers

American Tool Works Co. - Cincinnati, OH

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Applied: Jul. 21, 1924
Granted: Aug. 02, 1927

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for American Tool Works Co.
My invention relates to feeding mechanism for metal working machinery, and is exemplified as applied for feeding the saddle of a so-called metal shaper, for presenting the work in successive or intermittent steps to the action of the tool, which is instanced as mounted on a reciprocating ram. In machinery of this character, it is usual to mount the work upon a saddle which is feedable crosswise of the vertical plane in which the tool reciprocates, the saddle being slidable upon a rail, which is adjustable up and down with relation to the path of the tool. It is usual also to initiate the feeding movements from a fixed point of the machine, for instance, from the axis of rotation of the bull-wheel. The point for application of the feeding movements is therefore stationarily positioned, and the point for reception of the feeding movements at the feeding device is adjustable vertically in a right line, resulting in different distances between said points at different elevations of the rail. It is one of the objects of the invention to compensate for the variant distances between these two points. It is the object of the. present invention, further, to provide novel means whereby to automatically maintain the means for applying the feeding movements, the means for receiving the feeding movements, and,, the connecting means there between, at substantial distance and angular relations to each other. A further object is to provide novel means in the train of mechanism for accomplishing the feeding movements, whereby, to permit yield due to the variant distances between points in the power applying mechanism and the power receiving mechanism during adjustments to elevation of the power receiving mechanism; and,, further, to provide novel means, whereby to automatically return the yielding member of said mechanism to normal relation. A further object of the invention is to provide novel safety means whereby yield is permitted in the feeding train to compensate for obstruction to feeding movement of the element being fed, for instance, when the saddle reaches the end of its feeding path; and, further, to provide novel gauging means for the adjustments of lengths of feeding movements

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