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US Patent: 883,922
Sawing Machine
Francis N. Trevor - Lockport, Niagara County, NY

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woodworking machines : circular saws : circular ripsaws

Trevor Manufacturing Co. - Lockport, Niagara County, NY

Trevor Manufacturing Co. - Lockport, Niagara County, NY

Minna L. Webster
H. Frost Cushman
R. W. Runser
E. A. Volk

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 10, 1905
Granted: Apr. 07, 1908

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1912 Trevor Manufacturing Co. Catalogue "A"
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Trevor & Co.
Wilhelm, Parker & Hard - patent attorneys

This invention relates to improvements in wood sawing machines of that class having a pendulous bolt carriage in which the bolt or block to be sawed is suspended .and swung toward and from the vertically arranged circular saw, and a stationary bolt gage located at one side of the bolt carriage against which the bolt is pressed by the operator, before each forward or operative movement of the carriage, to correctly gage the thickness of the piece to be cut. This gage usually has two curved guides against which the bolt bears and slides in the forward movement of the bolt carriage. These machines are intended to saw bolts or blocks of different lengths and to secure the most efficient action of the machine the carriage should be adjusted vertically or the elevation of the bolt in the carriage so regulated that the saw will first enter the bolt near its upper end regardless of the length of the bolt. It has been found in the use of these machines that in order to prevent the bolt from tilting or assuming an inclined position when pressing it against the gage, it is necessary for the gage to be so situated as regards the bolt in the carriage, that one guide will be substantially the same distance above the vertical center of the bolt that the other guide is below such center. By this means, a firm and steady bearing surface is presented to the block, the resisting force of the guides being equally distributed both above and below the center of the block so that any tendency toward the tipping or inclination of the block is prevented. The object of this invention is to provide an adjusting means for the bolt gage and its guides which will be simple in construction and easy of operation and will enable the operator to readily adjust the gage and guides to any size of block which may be used. This is done by making the entire gage adjustable vertically so that the center of the gage can be located substantially opposite the center of the block to be sawed and by providing means for the independent vertical adjustment of the curved guides against which the block or. bolt bears m order to secure these guides in a position where they will be at corresponding distances above and below the center of the block or bolt. Where the blocks to be sawed are very long, it, is not necessary that the guides 60 should be so situated as to engage the end portion of the block but the ends may project above and below the guides, provided the guides are at corresponding distances above and below the center of the block. In such cases, however, the guides should be placed at some distance from the center to prevent the tipping of the block.

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