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US Patent: 687,413
Steam Boiler
William W. Trevor - Lockport, Niagara County, NY
Francis N. Trevor - Lockport, Niagara County, NY

USPTO Classifications:
122/135.2, 122/30, 122/75, 122/93

Tool Categories:
propulsion and energy : steam apparatus : stationary boilers


Not known to have been produced

M. L. Webster
H. Frost Cushman
Henry L. Deck
F. F. Scheyinger

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 06, 1901
Granted: Nov. 26, 1901

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Trevor & Co.
Wilhelm & Bonner - patent attorneys

This invention relates more especially to low-pressure boilers which are used mainly for heating buildings by steam or hot water. The main object of our invention is to provide a large fire-space and large heating-surfaces without complicating the construction or greatly increasing the cost of manufacture: and to that end we associate with an upright boiler, which contains the fire-chamber, a secondary return-flue boiler in such manner that the hot products of combustion pass from the primary boiler through the return-flue boiler and escape from a smoke-box which is arranged between these boilers. Another object of our invention is to provide the smoke-box between the two boilers with means whereby the hot products of combustion can be made to pass directly from the primary upright boiler to the smoke-pipe when a direct draft is required—as, for instance, in starting the fire or for cleaning—or can be made to pass through the secondary boiler before reaching the smoke-pipe for fully absorbing the available heat in the gases when the boiler is working normally. A further object is to extend the fuel-magazine of the boiler downwardly and to surround the lower end of the magazine by a water-space for protecting the lower end of the magazine against excessive heat and for increasing the heating-surface.

We claim as our invention—

The combination of a primary upright boiler, a secondary return-flue boiler, an intermediate smoke-chamber secured to both boilers and provided with a horizontal diaphragm which divides the smoke-chamber into a lower and an upper compartment, a smoke-pipe on said upper compartment, the lower compartment connecting the smoke exit of the primary boiler with the direct flues of the secondary boiler and the upper compartment connecting the return-flues with the smoke-pipe, a direct-draft opening formed in said diaphragm, and a damper controlling said opening, substantially as set forth.

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