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GB Patent: GB-187,802,766
Machine for Planing Tops, Bottoms and Sides of Blind Laths
Richard E. Shill - London, England

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Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : cutter head machines : wood planers




Patent Dates:
Granted: Jul. 10, 1878

Patent Pictures:
Woodworking Machinery, Its Rise, Progress and Construction, 1880, pg. 104
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The wood is supported to travel on a table between rollers, one or more of which bears by adjustable pressure on one surface of the wood to be cut, whilst an opposite roller has motion given to it to carry the wood forward by the pressure of the nip exerted. This forward motion brings the opposite edges and the upper and under surfaces against cutters which make the requisite cut. The cutters are formed of blades held at angles to the surfaces to be cut, and they are adjustable to the depth of the cuts to be effected.

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