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US Patent: 5,365,673
Multi-coordinate sensing gauge
Franz Haimer - Igenhausen, Germany
Josef Gail - Aichach-Unterwittelsbach, Germany

USPTO Classifications:
33/503, 33/559

Tool Categories:
layout tools : measurement gauges

Franz Haimer - Igenhausen, Germany

Haimer GmbH - Igenhausen, Germany


Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 21, 1993
Granted: Nov. 22, 1994

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This patent covers the Haimer 3D probe that is now ubiquitous in CNC machining. "The 3D contact measuring device senses work pieces in machine tools for adjusting the zero point of a numerically controlled machine tool or for positioning tasks. The device comprises a preferably elongated housing, a sensing arm projecting from the housing and bearing a sensing tip. The sensing arm being movable in the direction of a measuring axis and pivotable in all directions about the measuring axis. A sensing lever is connected to the sensing arm and forms the first universal joint, and a measuring device for detecting a parameter, which characterizes the displacement and/or the pivoting of the sensing arm. A further control surface forms a second universal joint. An elongated toothed rack of a gear transmission is aligned along the measuring axis and is movably supported and is coupled to the sensing lever via the second universal joint."

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