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US Patent: 254,542
Variable Bench-Plane
Fales Combination Plane
Amos Fales - Denver, CO

USPTO Classifications:
30/481, 30/486

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : planes : combination planes


Otis A. Smith - Rockfall, CT

W. A. Jones
T. C. Day
A. C. Lewis
J. P. Leshen

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 12, 1881
Granted: Mar. 07, 1882

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The first of four patents issued to Fales on a combination plane. The other utility patents are 295916 and 348198; and there is one design patent for a V-blade D18381 to fit this plane.

The instruction sheet for a Fales Patent Variable Bench Plane states "constituting Carpenter's Plow, Dado, Filletster, Matching, Sash, Snipe Bill, Case Molding, Chamfer, Quarter Rounds, Nosing, and V Planes, etc., etc. This tool combines over EIGHTY DIFFERENT WOOD-WORKING PLANES, forming a very complete, economical, and low price Set of Tools." They sold for $19.25 in 1884 and for $34.50 in 1889.

Otis Smith contracted with Fales to produce this plane. They were sold until 1917, but evidently had a rocky start as Roger Smith in PTAMPIA1 reprints a letter from Otis Smith to a Mr. C. C. Crossely in Danbury CT, "This is the slowest sale article I ever had anything to do with. There may be better times but I see no indication of it. Mr. Fales thinks the only way to sell is to get agents that are located to canvas. - I am sick of the whole thing but have put out so much money in it that I must stick a while longer."

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