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US Patent: 126,519
Improvment in Carpenters' Planes
Benchplane with Perforated Sole
Orril R. Chaplin - Boston, MA

USPTO Classifications:
30/478, 30/489

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : planes : bench planes

Charles H. Ballard - Worcester, MA

Tower & Lyon - New York, NY

Charles H. Ballard
N. C. Lombard

Patent Dates:
Granted: May 07, 1872

Patent Pictures: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
This drawing shows the perforations "to reduce the adhesion of the plane-stock to the material being dressed".
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Chaplin's Patent Plane at Brass City Records
In patent picture #1 is shown the perforations in the sole, as well as the unique levercap, which Chaplin refers to as a "clamp", with the horned projections (called "lugs" by Chaplin) which interconnect to shoulders on the frog to assist in accuratly locating the clamp and fastening it to the saddle.

(see patent picture #3) The later versions of the O.R. Chaplin patent planes, as offered by the Tower & Lyon Company of New York City were distinguished by having handles formed of hard India rubber, beds that were corrugated on the upper surface and by having a distinctive profile to the rails. (Courtesy and (C) Martin J. Donnelly www.mjdtools.com)

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