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GB Patent: GB-187,000,904
George Carpenter Taft - Worcester, MA
John Henry Johnson - London, England

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Tool Categories:
wrenches : nut wrenches
wrenches : wrench adjustment types : screw adjust wrenches


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none listed

Patent Dates:
Granted: Mar. 28, 1870

Patent Pictures:
George C. Taft patent March 28, 1870 - edited from Abridgments of Specifications
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This British patent incorporates features from at least three of Taft's U.S. patents: 55,932 (Jan. 26, 1866) has the nut inside the handle supporting the ferrule. 88,230 (Mar. 23, 1869) has the recessed sides on the fixed jaw, the "reverse jog" in the main shank and related structure of the movable jaw. 89,702 (May 4, 1869) has the locking nut for the screw adjustment.

"John Henry Johnson, 47 Lincoln's Inn Fields, gentleman" -- a British patent agent.

Note: Early British patents (pre 1916) were numbered by the year and started at patent #1 at the start of each year in January. The patent # used in DATAMP represents the year of registration and the patent # (with "leading zeros" interposed to make the number total nine digits). This patent is #904 of the year 1870.

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