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US Patent: 2,290,197
Henry H. Merriman - Jackson, MI
Clifford D. Burbank - Jackson, MI

USPTO Classifications:
74/163, 81/177.1, 81/57.39, 81/57.46, 81/61, 99/421H

Tool Categories:
wrenches : ratchet wrenches


Beall Tool Division, Hubbard and Company - East Alton, IL

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Mar. 23, 1940
Granted: Jul. 21, 1942

Patent Pictures:
Henry D. Merriman and Clifford D. Burbank patent July 21, 1942
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This ratchet wrench has an internal chain that engages a sprocket wheel on the ratchet head. The chain extends out the end of the handle. Pulling the chain rotates the ratchet head. A return spring retracts the chain at the end of each pull; the chain sprocket has a ratchet interface with the ratchet head. The whole mechanism is enclosed in a handle formed of two stampings. The wrench also works as a ratchet by moving the handle. Patent no. 2,292,391 (Aug. 11, 1942), is a further refinement of this patent. These patents appear to match a ratchet wrench marketed as the SPEEDEE-RATCH // PAT APPLIED FOR by the Beall Tool Division of Hubbard & Co, East Alton, Illinois.

This patent is noted in Merriman's spark plug socket patent (no. 2,294,193.

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