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GB Patent: GB-428,116
Lead Testing for Sprial Gears
Michigan Tool Co. - Detroit, Wayne County, MI

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metalworking machines : gear measuring machines

Michigan Tool Co. - Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Not known to have been produced


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Applied: Apr. 07, 1935
Granted: May 07, 1935

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Michigan Tool Co.

Apparatus for gauging spiral gears &c. comprises a gauging element mounted on a carriage for. movement parallel with the axis of the gear, means for supporting the gear rotatably, and frictional means for rotating the gear interdependently with the axial movements of the carriage. The table 12, mounted in guides on a pedestal 11, is moved by operating a wheel 22 which actuates bevel gear 24, 29 and a screwed shaft 25 engaging a nut 28 depending from the table. The latter carries a sine bar 36 which can be adjusted in guides on the table and set to lie at an angle corresponding to the angle of the screw &c. to be gauged. The sine bar 36 is engaged by a recess in a bracket 52 depending from a second table 13 movable on V-guides and balls at right angles to the first table 12. The table 13 has accurately formed rails 55 on which rest wheels 62 on a shaft 59 journalled in a sleeve 58 forming part of a work carrying member 17 mounted on a shaft 16 supported in bearings in a rearwardly and laterally extending portion 14 of the base 11. A gauging device 18 is formed by two dial gauges 91, the plungers of which engage opposite sides of the long arm of a feeler member 96 pivoted between arms 94. This gauge is adjustably secured to an arm 30 secured to the table 12. The shaft 59 is fitted with a socket to receive a centre 71 carried by an arm 69 which may slide in guides on the work carrier. The screw &c. to be gauged is placed between the centres 64, 71 and the feeler moved to engage the surface of a convolution, the dial being set to zero. The handle 22 is turned and this causes the slide to move and the work to rotate so that if the screw is perfect the gauge still reads zero. Modified forms of support for the gauge are described, one designed to deal with work having a sharp lead angle. U.S.A. Specification 1,898,084 is referred to.

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