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US Patent: 4,541,312
Long Nose Locking Plier
Christian Petersen - DeWitt, NE

USPTO Classifications:
81/367, 81/418

Tool Categories:
wrenches : pliers type wrenches : locking pliers

Petersen Mfg. Co., Inc. - DeWitt, NE

Petersen Mfg. Co., Inc. - DeWitt, NE

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Mar. 06, 1981
Granted: Sep. 17, 1985

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Lackenbach, Siegel, Marzullo, Presta & Aronson - patent attorneys


A long nose locking hand tool having a pair of opposing jaw members, a fixed handle and a movable handle and lever locking means therebetween for maintaining a toggle relationship between the jaws when in a closed position; and wherein each of said jaw members comprising a jaw face configuration having a total jaw length to average jaw height ratio of from about 6.5 to about 8.5 with a through jaw hardness range of from about 53 to about 57 Rockwell C, with said jaw members made of an alloy spring steel, said jaw members having a nominal parallel opening when they are spaced apart, approximately 3/16 inch, thereby enabling said jaw members to clamp a workpiece up to 3/16 inch thick with parallel jaw faces by flexing to the parallel condition when closed and returning to their original unstressed state when released of clamping pressure.

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