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US Patent: 738,444
Combined Pipe and Nut Wrench
Arthur W. Hjorth - Jamestown, NY

USPTO Classifications:

Tool Categories:
wrenches : pliers type wrenches
wrenches : pipe and nut combination wrenches
combination tools

William Hjorth & Co. - Jamestown, NY
Specialty Mfg. Co. - Jamestown, NY

William Hjorth & Co. - Jamestown, NY

A. W. Kettle
S. A. Baldwin

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 11, 1902
Granted: Sep. 08, 1903

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Arthur W. Hjorth patent Sept. 8, 1903
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This pliers type tool has jaws designed to grip pipe and square nuts as shown. It also has a wire cutter. It was sold as the "Lightning." Some had the handle ends shaped as a screw driver and tack claw. The shape of the jaw faces are a key part of the patent.

Corresponding Canadian patent no. CA-85,624 was granted Febr. 23, 1904.

Hjorth probably did this as an improvement to pat. no. 573,313, as some of the Wm. Hjorth plier wrenches are marked with the Dec. 15, 1896 patent date.

Karl Peterson's pat. no. 794,249 is obviously related as well, although no tools marked with that patent date or number are known.

Ken Cope's "American Wrench Makers 1830-1930" notes that Specialty Mfg. Co., Jamestown, NY was advertising the LIGHTNING in 1907.

Jackson & Van Horn (Troy, OH) produced a similar tool called the "Universal Wrench" based on patent no. 768,832.

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