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US Patent: 913,340
Percussively-operated hand-tool
George E. Wood - Plantsville, CT

USPTO Classifications:
279/95, 30/167, 76/119

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : chisels


The Stanley Rule & Level Co. - New Britain, CT
G. E. Wood Tool Co. - Plantsville, CT

George B. Meserole
Augustine M. Lewis

Patent Dates:
Applied: Aug. 11, 1908
Granted: Feb. 23, 1909

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for The Stanley Works
This patent is for the "Everlasting" handle, primarily used on chisels and screwdrivers. It was first produced by G. E. Wood Tool Co., which was bought out by Stanley Rule & Level.

"My invention relates to the class of hand tools having a blade and shank of metal, the shank being arranged to received a handle of wood or other fibrous material, and which tools, as for instance a chisel, are adapted in use to receive blows upon the handle end of the tool, and the object of the invention is to provide a tool of the kind specified having numerous novel features of advantage and utility."This Patent relates to tools that are struck repeatedly on the handle,Chisels , screwdrivers ,etc.By using a solid steel shank the wood handle is protected.This Patent and four others,894303, 808330, 932223, 924210 all relate to this processes and were all patented while George E. Wood was employed by The Stanley Rule and Level Co.as the superintendent of screwdrivers.He had held that position since 1904 when Stanley purchased the HurWood screwdriver company.As late as 1908 there is a listing for the G.E.Wood Tool Co. in Plantsville CT.,though by 1912 this company is listed as a department of The Stanley Rule and Level. This Patent is certainly a precursor of the 'Everlasting Chisel', that Stanley introduced in a 1911 catalog.An example of a G.E. WOOD TOOL Co. Everlasting style wood chisel, marked 'G.E.Wood Tool Co.'with four Patent dates,Dec.26. 05.,July 28. 08.,Feb. 23. 09.,Aug.24. 09.

Also see Patents 1139392, 1198609, 1493176, 1553794, for Everlasting chisel Patent information.

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