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GB Patent: GB-180,102,544
Mode of constructing steam engines and producing rotary motion
Horizontal steam engine with directly connected crank
William Symington - Kinnaird, county Stirling, Scotland

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propulsion and energy : steam engines


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Oct. 14, 1801

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Wikipedia biography of William Symington
According to Wikipedia, "By 1800, Watt's patent had expired, so Symington set about the task of building a horizontal engine. He got a patent for his design in 1801. This design was ahead of its time because other engineers believed that it would not work. It was not widely accepted until 1825." The connecting rod and crank was well suited to operating a paddle boat, which was the application that Symington had in mind. In 1802 Symington's engine powered the Charlotte Dundas, the first practical steamboat.

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