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GB Patent: GB-180,102,560
Improvements in steam engines and boilers
Joseph Bramah - Pimlico, county Middlesex, England

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propulsion and energy : steam engines
propulsion and energy : steam apparatus : stationary boilers


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Nov. 28, 1801

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Wikipedia biography of Joseph Bramah
From "The Steam Engine" by Thomas Tredgold, 1838: "In 1801 Mr. Bramah obtained a patent for a new mode of applying the four-passaged cock to steam engines, with some other variations in their construction. The four-passaged cock he made to turn continually in the same direction, and yet produce the same effect as by turning it backwards and forwards; but by turning constantly the same way, the wear is rendered more equable, and consequently the combination is more durable. He also adjusted the movements so as to give, at the proper time, as instantaneous and free a passage to the cylinder and condenser as possible; and formed the apertures so that the cone might be pressed equally into its seat by the force of the steam."

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