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GB Patent: GB-180,202,610
Engine for raising and lowering weights
Thomas Strode - Wapping, county Middlesex, England
John Harriott - Wapping, county Middlesex, England

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specialty machines : elevators and lifts


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Apr. 13, 1802

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Wikipedia biography of John Harriott
From a paper on hydraulic lifts presented by Robert Carey at the June 1893 meeting of the Society of Engineers in London: "(In) one form of suspended low-pressure lift... the cylinder is placed vertically, and the water is introduced above and below the piston, by which means nearly an equal power is exerted throughout the entire stroke, as the pressure is due to the height of the water above the piston, and the sucking action of the column of water beneath the piston combined, would be the same in any part of the stroke... This is a very good arrangement, and was introduced into use in this country some years since by the American Elevator Company; but, strange to say, this exact form was patented in this country by Harriott and Strode in 1802... (it) describes this method of using a vertical cylinder. The author merely mentions this as showing how curiously before its time this invention was.

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