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GB Patent: GB-183,506,850
Tools or apparatus for boring metals and other materials; machinery for boring metals; machinery for planing and cutting metals and other materials
Joseph Whitworth - Manchester, England

USPTO Classifications:

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : drilling and boring : drill presses
metalworking machines : metal planers
woodworking machines : wood drilling and boring : drill presses


Joseph Whitworth - Manchester, England


Patent Dates:
Granted: Jun. 11, 1835

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Wikipedia page on Joseph Whitworth
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Joseph Whitworth & Co.
After leaving the employ of machine-tool pioneer Henry Maudslay, Joseph Whitworth worked briefly for Holtzapfell and for Joseph Clement, and then, in 1833, returned to Manchester and opened his own works. "He was probably the first to specialise in the manufacturing of machine parts, most other engineers made machines for their own use which were not for sale." Manchester was a terminal for the first major public railway and also had a large textile industry. Whitworth supplied tools and machinery to the rail and textile industries, especially machine tools—machines for making machines. Whitworth was instrumental in moving from 1/16 inch precision to 1/10000 inch precision, a shift that happened between 1830 and 1850. In 1841 he developed a screw-thread standard that became very widely used in Britain and is named after him. In 1858, Whitworth reportedly built a machine capable of measuring to better than a millionth of an inch.

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