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GB Patent: GB-188,902,419
Pipe Wrenches
John H. Vinton - Boston, MA
Edward O. Ely - Boston, MA

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wrenches : pipe wrenches


Trimont Mfg. Co. - Roxbury, MA

none listed

Patent Dates:
Granted: Feb. 12, 1889

Patent Pictures:
J. H. Vinton patent registered Feb. 12, 1889 - edited from "Abridgments of Specifications"
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British patent corresponding to U.S. patent 414,663 granted to J. H. Vinton Nov. 5, 1889, and assigned to Trimont Mfg.

Together with two other patents, this is the first version of the TRIMO pipe wrench. Edward O. Ely was patentee of the next following patent in the evolution of the TRIMO pipe wrench.

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