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GB Patent: GB-190,425,990
Improvements in Ratchet Spanners or Braces
Frederick William Schroeder - London, England

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Tool Categories:
wrenches : ratchet wrenches


Bullard Automatic Wrench Co. - Providence, RI
Nettlefold and Sons, Ltd. - London, England


Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 29, 1904
Granted: Nov. 02, 1905

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F. W. Schroeder registered Nov. 29, 1904 - edited from *Abridgments of Specifications*
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GB-190425990 in ESPACENET
Evolution of Schroeder's earlier patent (number GB-190308672). The SCHROEDER RATCHET SPANNER is one of a few British patents to have received significant distribution in the U.S. without benefit of a U.S. patent. Many surviving examples include markings for this patent (25,990/04).

Corresponding Canadian patent CA-98,728 was granted April 24, 1906.

Note: Early English patents (pre 1916) were numbered by the year and started at patent #1 at the start of each year in January. The patent # used in DATAMP represents the year of registration and the patent #. This patent is #25,990 of the year 1904.

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