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GB Patent: GB-204,589
Improvements in variable speed and reversing gearing
Harold Walker Pearn - West Gorton, Manchester, England

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metalworking machines : metalworking machine mechanisms : metalworking machine gearing

Frank Pearn & Co., Ltd. - West Gorton, Manchester, England

Frank Pearn & Co., Ltd. - West Gorton, Manchester, England


Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 21, 1922
Granted: Oct. 04, 1923

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Frank Pearn & Co., Ltd.
See also Canada patent CA-239,508.

"Variable-speed gearing comprises an epicyclic train controlled by a variable-speed chain gear of known type. A driven casing h carries planet gears g, j meshing respectively with gears f, k upon shafts e, e1. The shaft e is driven from driving-shaft a through constant-speed chain pair d, b. The shaft e1 is driven from the shaft a through variable chain pair l, c the construction of which is no part of the invention."

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