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US Patent: 210,066
Improvement in marinter's compasses
Magnetic compass deflector
William Thomson - Glasgow, Scotland

USPTO Classifications:
33/356, 33/359

Tool Categories:


Kelvin & James White, Ltd. - Glasgow, Scotland

Charles J Gooch
A. H. Galt
David Drysdale Austin
Robert Adam Gunn

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 21, 1877
Granted: Nov. 19, 1878

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Sir William Thomson, Lord Kelvin to Britishers, one of the world's most productive scientists and inventors, designed this device to facilitate the fine-tuning of the magnetic compasses of (especially) iron-hulled ships. There are pairs of magnets whose bottom ends can be separated by a left/right-handed calibrated screw so as to deflect the needle of the compass upon which the device is placed. The patent text thoroughly describes the procedure.

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