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US Patent: 296
Machine for planing moldings on wood
Ambrose Church, Jr. - Canandaigua, NY

USPTO Classifications:
144/246.1, 144/39

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : cutter head machines : molders


Not known to have been produced

A. R. Church
O. S. Holley

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jul. 29, 1837

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"What I claim in the arrangement of the apparatus herein described, constituting a new application of old principles to operations in joiner work, which have not been before performed by machinery so combined, is the plan of rabbeting down part of the bed, in the manner and for the purpose described; the hollow iron cylinder, armed with knives, under the plate, G G, for dressing off the under side of the board, or other stuff; the using of the small metal roller on the pin of the slide, N, shaped like the moulding, or other thing to be made—and which, like the knives on the wheel, M, and the plane iron in the plane stock, O, is to be changed according to the shape of the work to be done; and I claim also, in combination, the particular arrangement of the apparatus for moving or working the plane, O—the planes, e and i, with their irons to dress the edges of the moulding and the board, as my own invention."

From the book "The Descendants of Joseph Churchill and Elizabeth Foote": "Ambrose Church Sr. was a carpenter... He was something of a machinist and millwright and made most of the machinery used in the early woolen mills of the Churches. He moved to Lebanon Springs, New York, where he kept a public house for a number of years. Thence he moved to Canandaigua, New York, where he and his sons built some of the finest houses in the town. He built and owned the first planing mill there. He was of roving disposition. He went to Canada and returned to Middlefield before going to New York. He tinkered with everything and at one time thought he had built a perpetual motion machine..."

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