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US Patent: 393,802
Bandsaw mill
Theodore S. Wilkin - Milwaukee, WI

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woodworking machines : bandsaws : band sawmills
woodworking machines : sawmills : band sawmills


Wilkin Manufacturing Co. - Milwaukee, WI

Walter Read
Alonzo G. Collins

Patent Dates:
Applied: Mar. 17, 1886
Granted: Dec. 04, 1888

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Wilkin Manufacturing Co.
Mechanism for adjusting the upper wheel to control tracking.

D. C. Prescott's 1910 monograph, "The Evolution of Modern Band Saw Mills for Sawing Logs", says, "...in 1888 The Wilkin Mfg. Co., of Milwaukee, Wis., advertised and marketed a Band Mill designated as 'the most common sense Band Mill made.' It had overhanging wheels of wood with rubber faces.

"In one respect this mill demonstrates how easy it is for one to imagine a trouble and then spend a lot of money to correct a trouble that really has no existence.

"It was known, of course, that a band saw under stress would be inclined to gravitate to the rear. In this mill the attempt is made to prevent this and compel the saw to follow its proper path around the wheels by raising or depressing the tail end of the top wheel shaft; and in order to do this automatically a steel trolley was applied to the rear edge of the saw, closely following it, whatever its position might be; but any movement of the trolley towards the front or rear was followed by a corresponding adjustment of the tail box of the top shat. The effect of the trolley on the edge of the saw was bad; and besides that there really was no special need of any device of the kind..."

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