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US Patent: 5,611,521
Power Drive for Cable Tightener
Donald D. Grover - Kenosha, WI
Frank W. Randle - Kenosha, WI

USPTO Classifications:
254/235, 254/236

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Snap-On Technologies, Inc. - Crystal Lake, IL

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Feb. 29, 1996
Granted: Mar. 18, 1997

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Snap-On Tools Company History
Emrich & Dithmar - patent attorneys


A power drive for an elongated cable tightener having an elongated sleeve and a driven gear wheel supported on the sleeve is provided. The drive includes an outer frame having connected, and laterally spaced, elongated first and second outer side members, each outer side member having first and second ends, the second ends defining aligned outer notches opening longitudinally outward. The drive also includes an inner frame disposed between the first and second outer side members and supported thereby for movement between engaged and open positions, the inner frame having connected and laterally spaced first and second inner side members, each inner side member having first and second ends, the second ends defining aligned inner notches opening laterally outward of the side members, wherein when the inner frame is in the engaged position the inner notches are aligned with the outer notches whereby the sleeve may be disposed in both the inner and outer notches. The drive further includes a drive gear carried by one of the inner and outer frames and engageable with the driven gear to rotate the driven gear, and an actuator coupled to the drive gear for rotating the drive gear.

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