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US Patent: 571,498
Gas Engine
Emil Rappe - Chicago, IL

USPTO Classifications:
123/188.2, 123/404, 123/79R, 123/90.31, 123/90.32, 137/522

Tool Categories:
propulsion and energy : internal combustion engines : gas and gasoline engines

Harvey J. Hopkins - Pleasantville, PA

Titusville Iron Works - Titusville, PA
Olin Gas Engine Co. - Buffalo, NY

Charles G. Page
Reta M. Wagner
William M. Rheem
William L. Hemming

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 20, 1894
Granted: Nov. 17, 1896

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Olin Gas Engine Co.
Charles G. Page - patent attorney

My invention relates to gas-engines of the "Otto" or four-stroke cycle type, that is to say, engines in which four strokes are required for each working stroke. Prominent objects of my invention are to simplify the construction and at the same time provide a method of governing which in steadiness of running serves to bring the efficiency of the engine up to a standard attained by the automatic-cut-off steam-engine. To the attainment of the foregoing and other useful ends my invention consists in matters hereinafter set forth. In a gas-engine characterized by my invention the exhaust-port is opened and closed by an exhaust-valve, which is made hollow, so as to provide a supply-passage which communicates with a supply-port. The supply passage, through the exhaust-valve, is opened and closed by a supply-valve which seats upon the exhaust-valve, so that while the supply-valve can be opened independently of the exhaust-valve both valves will be raised when the exhaust-valve is opened, and at the same time the supply-passage will be closed by the supply-valve. The supply-valve is at proper moments opened from a cut-off cam which is subject to an automatic governor on the fly-wheel, and the exhaust-valve is at proper times opened from an intermittently rotating cam. The speed of the engine determines the moment at which the supply valve is closed, this regulation being due to the adjustment of the cut-off cam by the governor. The cam from which the exhaust valve is opened is operated from a pawl-and-ratchet device, which is in turn operated from an eccentric in the main shaft, the pawl-and-ratchet device and said cam being timed with relation to the action of the piston, so as to operate and open the exhaust-valve at proper moments. Said pawl-and-ratchet device also controls and operates another cam or stop device which, at times when it is necessary to keep the supply-valve closed, acts in a way to temporarily break connection between the supply-valve and cut-off cam, so that regardless of the operation of the cut-off cam the supply-valve will remain closed.

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