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US Patent: 6,505,414
Yuji Fujikawa - Higashihiroshima, Japan

USPTO Classifications:
33/783, 33/813, 33/831

Tool Categories:
layout tools : measurement gauges

Mitutoyo Corp. - Kawasaki, Japan

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 13, 2001
Granted: Jan. 14, 2003

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A comparator (1) has: a frame (2); a spindle and an anvil (4) supported by the frame (2) to be advanceable and retractable in the axial direction thereof; a biaser (39) for biasing the anvil (4) toward the spindle; a release (6) for retracting the anvil relative to the spindle against the biaser (39); an indicator (7); and an indicator driver (8) for transmitting the movement of the anvil (4) to the indicator (7), where a seal member (40, 43, 47) provided on the border between an outer surface of the frame (2) and at least one of the anvil (4), the biaser (39), the release (6) and the indicator (7) and a biasing force adjuster (5) for varying the biasing force of the biaser (39) are provided.

Applications filed in Japan, 19 Jun 2000.

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