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US Patent: 709,014
Arthur I. Jacobs - Hartford, CT

USPTO Classifications:
279/147, 279/62

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : hand drills : drill chucks


Jacobs Manufacturing Co. - Hartford, CT

V. R. Holcomb
H. R. Williams

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 10, 1902
Granted: Sep. 16, 1902

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This patent covers the now-famous Jacobs chuck, still in production over 100 years later.

"This invention relates to a chuck which has jaws that are movable in recesses inclined to the axis of the body for gripping and releasing the shank of a drill or similar tool. The object of this invention is to construct a strong chuck of this nature with simple, cheap, and convenient means for opening and closing the tool-holding jaws. The body of the chuck that is illustrated as embodying the invention has radial sockets or pins for the reception of the end of a key and rack-teeth on an edge of the nut-sleeve for engagement with gear-teeth on the key, so that when the end of the key is applied to the body and turned the meshing of the gear-teeth and the rack-teeth turn the nut and cause the desired movement of the jaws."

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