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US Patent: 785,245
Combination Gage-Tool
Combination Caliper and Protractor
Eugene Wiet - Sacramento, CA

USPTO Classifications:
33/470, D10/73

Tool Categories:
layout tools : calipers
layout tools : protractors

Wiet-Goethe Co. - Sacramento, CA

Wiet-Goethe Co. - Sacramento, CA

H. J. Goethe
Chas. B. Brier
O. B. Vale
F. E. Birge

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 19, 1904
Granted: Mar. 21, 1905

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This tool combines a vernier-style inside/outside caliper with a protractor head similar to those used on combination squares.

These were produced in at least two varieties. One was identical to the patent drawing, but a (presumedly) later variant went one step further by providing with a built-in center gauge (see picture for details). The inclusion of the second arm allowed the tool to be used as a bevel gage or caliper without changing the arm orientation. Niether version is particularly well-made, but the second model eliminates the vernier on the protractor, making it even less accurate.

Known examples of both variants are marked with the manufacturer's name and patent date.

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