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US Patent: 985,504
Hinge Butt and Mortise Gage
Christian Bodmer - New Britain, CT

USPTO Classifications:

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layout tools : marking gauges : butt gauges

The Stanley Rule & Level Co. - New Britain, CT

The Stanley Rule & Level Co. - New Britain, CT

W. J. Woram
L. Webb
Fred M. Dunnenfleser
Chas. A. Peardy

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 30, 1909
Granted: Feb. 28, 1911

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This is basically the same tool as 985,504, but with the extra feature of a small lip in the casting to allow it to reference off very narrow surfaces. Stanley produced this tool as the #94 for about 40 years, then added the lip from this patent to the #95 and produced it in this configuration for many more years.

This version of the tool was designed for marking off hinges where a nailed on strike would be used, so it did not make any claims regarding setting hinge gain. The piece as manufactured, however, do allow for this, so it could be used for either nailed-on strikes or rabbeted jambs. Despite the extra feature, these tools are encountered far less frequently then the earlier patent (but are still fairly plentiful).

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