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US Patent: 100,473
James Watson - Philadelphia, PA

USPTO Classifications:
82/137, 82/149

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes


Not known to have been produced

William A. Steel
Harry Smith
John B. Harding

Patent Dates:
Granted: Mar. 01, 1870

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Howson & son - patent attorneys

My invention relates to an improvement in lathes; having recessed, bed-plates, for permitting the use of face-plates, of larger diameter than can be employed in connection with lathes having plain unrecessed beds and my invention consists of certain guiding ribs, arranged in the bed-plate of a lathe of this class, and adapted to projections on the plate which supports the slide-rest, all substantially as described hereafter, so that while the lathe possesses all the advantages of a common lathe, as regards the steadiness of the slide-rest, it has all the advantages of a gap-lathe as regards its capacity for turning objects of a large diameter. As in other lathes of this class, sometimes termed gap lathes, a recess, is formed in the bed-plate for receiving a portion of the face-plate, so that the latter may be of larger diameter than the face-plate of a lathe with a. plain unrecessed bed-plate. When ordinary lathes, however, are used for turning objects of small diameter attached to the faceplate, the plate E, for receiving' the slide-rest, must necessarily overhang the end of the recess of the bed-plate, and hence there will be a want of sufficient steadiness in the slide-rest. To obviate this objection it has been customary to till the gap or recess of the lathe with a metal block, on which are guides, forming continuations of the guides of the bed-plate, which block has to be removed when objects of large diameter are to be turned, and again replaced when the slide-rest is to be adjusted close up to the face-plate.

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