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US Patent: 1,107,203
Micrometer Caliper
Edward S. Savage - Rochester, Monroe County, NY

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metalworking tools : machinist tools : measuring tools : micrometers


Not known to have been produced

Farnum F. Dorsey
D. Gurnee
Clarence W. Carroll

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 20, 1913
Granted: Aug. 11, 1914

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Davis and Dorsey - patent attorneys

This invention relates to micrometer calipers or measuring-tools of the type in which a screw-threaded spindle is rotated by means of a manually-operable handle or barrel, the position of the spindle or screw being indicated by means of graduations or other indicating devices cooperating with the barrel. In a micrometer-caliper invented by me and disclosed in a pending application, for Letters Patent of the United States, filed 20 May 19, 1913, Serial No. 768,566, I employ a construction and arrangement of parts by which longitudinal movement of the barrel is avoided, the barrel being connected with the micrometer-screw by sliding connections which compel the screw to rotate with the barrel while permitting relative longitudinal movement. One object of the present invention is to provide a micrometer-caliper, so constructed, with improved means for adjusting the caliper to cause it to indicate correctly the position of the screw, whereby I avoid the necessity of using an adjustable anvil in the usual manner. To this end I interpose, between the micrometer-screw and the barrel, connecting devices which normally cause the screw to rotate in unison with the barrel, but which may be loosened so as to permit relative rotation of these parts, thus permitting the barrel and the indicating devices cooperating therewith to be adjusted to conform accurately to any definite position in which the screw is temporarily held during the adjusting operation. Another object of the invention is to provide a micrometer-caliper with a simple and effective device for locking it in any position in which it may be set. This novel locking device is applicable to micrometer-calipers of various forms, but may be most conveniently applied to a caliper of the particular type in question, since it is adapted conveniently to cooperate with a barrel which does not move longitudinally. The locking device comprises an annular member, rotatable about the axis of the micrometer-screw and the barrel, and provided, with one or more inner beveled surfaces, together with a member adapted to simultaneously engage such inclined surface and the outer surface of the barrel or other rotatable part of the caliper, so that by forcible rotation of the annular member the clamping-member may be forced into clamping engagement with such rotatable member, to lock it frictionally against rotation.

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