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US Patent: 116,545
Improved Lathe Tool Supporter
Israel F. Brown - New London, CT

USPTO Classifications:
407/66, 407/80

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : lathe tools


Not known to have been produced

R. H. Eddy
S. N. Piper
L. N. Moles

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jul. 04, 1871

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N. N. Eddy - patent attorney

The article in question is for use in the toolpost of a lathe, and is to serve as a bed for the support of a tool formed of a triangular prismatic bar ground at one end to a cutting-edge. In the drawing, A denotes a straight block or short bar of metal having three series, B C D, of angular projections a b c erected on its upper edge, and formed as shown. The an1gular grooves or spaces of the outermost projections decline a little toward the grooves of the middle projection, and it will be observed that the projection ft of each series is extended above the others about double their heights. The projections, therefore, constitute abutments to support the tool against the pressure in a transverse direction to which it is subjected while in the act of turning an article in a lathe. The, grooves or spaces between the projections serve as sockets to receive the angnlai1 edge of the tool. The large toolpost clamp-screw, for holding the tool in place, is to bear on it directly over the middle series C of projections, and, in consequence of the grooves or spaces between these latter projections being a little lower than those corresponding grooves of the external projections, the tool will be set so firmly down as to be prevented from "chattering" while in action.

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