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US Patent: 1,191,510
Tire Pump
George I. Hipple - Chicago, IL

USPTO Classifications:
92/118, 92/58.1

Tool Categories:
industrial machines : pumps : hand pumps


Not known to have been produced

Albert Scheible
M. M. Boyle
R. L. Farmington
G. M. Neville

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 27, 1914
Granted: Jul. 18, 1916

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Lotz & Scheible - patent attorneys

My invention relates to air-compressing pumps and more particularly to the class of pumps used for inflating the tires of automobiles. One object of my invention is to provide a tire pump which may readily be attached to the. Running board or other rigid portion of the frame of a vehicle .so as to be firmly held in position when in use, and to equip such a pump with a clamp adapted to be housed by the frame of .the vehicle when not in use. Another object is to equip a manually operable pump with an operating lever adapted to provide great leverage when in use and to be folded into, a comparatively small space when not in use. A further object is to provide the members comprising such a folding lever with simple, manually operable means for rigidly securing the same in their extended relation, and with engaging formations adapted to relieve the said connection of excessive strain when the pump is in use. Still another object is to equip a pumping mechanism with a lever provided with a plurality of hand-hold formations so disposed that the leverage may readily be varied, so that the pump may be quickly .operated at the shorter leverage at the .start and may be operated at the greater leverage when: the air compression begins to offer considerable resistance to the operation of the pump.

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