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US Patent: 120,433
Improved Milling Machine
William Hawkins - San Francisco, CA

USPTO Classifications:
409/203, 76/44

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : milling machines


Not known to have been produced

A. B. Clason
J. H. Boone
George C. B. Lambright
Robert Everett

Patent Dates:
Granted: Oct. 31, 1871

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Thomas T. Everrett - patent attorney

When recesses or sockets in saws are required in straight or circular forms this machine is designed for cutting V's in circular-saw plates, wherein detached or removable teeth are used. The cutters are so formed and arranged as to cut both surfaces of the V at the same time. In all milling machines heretofore used for milling or cutting a V on saw-plates or hardened steel plates the milling has been done on one side at a time, thus rendering the process very slow, and difficulty has existed in getting the V in the center of a thin plate on account of its varying in thickness. Circular saw plates when well formed or made are always thicker in the center than they are on the rim, thus leaving that part to be milled or V'd tapering or varying in thickness. Now, my invention has for its object the remedying of these difficulties by cutting the V on both sides at one and the same time to any desired shape or bevel, and to any desired form, by using two cutters—one opposite the other— so shaped as to give the required shape, pitch, or bevel to the V to be cut; and the cutters recessed into or lapped by each other at the inner or cutting-ends, as shown by L, Figs. 3 and 4, or in such a manner as to remove all surplus metal in the center of the V, making a clean smooth cut, and leaving a perfect V or other shape, as desired, at one operation. My cutters are constructed so as to give the exact circle at the corners of the socket required. They are easily detached, and ground or sharpened without affecting the temper, and by grinding or removing the same amount of material from their ends as their sides their exact diameter at the cut can always be preserved.

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