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US Patent: 12,820
Facing Bed for Grinding Artificial Granite, Etc.
Benjamin Hardinge - New York, NY

USPTO Classifications:
227/105, 451/259, 451/548

Tool Categories:
stoneworking machines : stone dressing machines


Not known to have been produced

Wash R. Nichols
C. T. Greene

Patent Dates:
Granted: May 08, 1855

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The nature of my invention consists in constructing a round, cast iron, saucer shaped dish, of .about 8 feet in diameter, and filling it with concrete cement: of silici-calcareous and, ferruginous frit ground arid mixed with coarse crude emery, steel turnings, sharp sand and hydrous silicates, with which it, is wet up into a plastic state, put into said dish, and leveled with a straight edged spatula, while in very slow motion so that, when hard, it turns in a perfect horizontal level, and runs as true as though it were turned in a lathe frorii1 a solid.

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