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US Patent: 1,287,732
Machine for Milling Knurls
Friederich Müller - Hartford, CT

USPTO Classifications:
144/134.1, 409/73, 409/76, 451/129, 451/220

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : embossing and knurling machines

Pratt & Whitney Co. - New York, NY

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 09, 1917
Granted: Dec. 17, 1918

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Pratt, Whitney & Co.
The invention relates to a milling machine primarily, intended and adapted for the cutting of spiral grooves in cylindrical blanks to form knurls. It will be understood, however, that while the machine is especially adapted for forming knurls, it may by suitable modifications, be adapted for other uses, and it will further be understood that several of the parts of the machine may be used separately from other parts and may be embodied in machines quite different in construction and operation. One of the objects of the invention is to provide a knurl milling or equivalent machine having two or more spindles upon which knurl blanks may be carried to be simultaneously milled. Another object of the invention is to provide improved means whereby all of the spindles may be simultaneously and uniformly indexed. A further object of the invention is to provide improved means whereby the knurl blanks and the milling cutters are separated from each other on the return movement. Another object of the invention is to provide improved means whereby right or left spiral grooves may be formed as required. Another object of the invention is to provide means for stopping the operation of the machine after a blank has been completely milled. Still another object of the invention is to provide an improved indexing mechanism. Additional objects of the invention will be apparent from the following specification and claims. In the accompanying drawings I have shown the embodiment of the invention which I now deem preferable, but it will be understood that the invention can be embodied in other ways and that the drawings are intended to be merely illustrative and are not intended to define or limit the scope of the invention.

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