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US Patent: 1,307,577
Machine for Grooving and Finishing Jewel Bearings
Frank H. Chapman - Toledo, OH

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metalworking machines : metal shapers : metal shaper accessories

Toledo Scale Co. - Toledo, OH

Not known to have been produced

F. A. Crowley
George R. Frye
C. H. Miller, Jr.

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 13, 1917
Granted: Jun. 24, 1919

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George R. Frye - patent attorney

This invention relates to machines for cutting stone or like material of comparative hardness, and more particularly to machines for grooving and finishing jewel bearings such as agates and the like. In certain of the mechanical arts, such as those relating to the development of scale, horological and scientific instrument industries, it has been found necessary to use pivots, bearings and the like of very hard material, such as agate and other precious or semi-precious stones. Heretofore it has been the custom to import such agate bearings, etc., in great quantities from foreign countries, where the labor employed in cutting these stones by successive hand operations did not greatly affect the cost thereof. The difficulty experienced in providing a machine for cutting jewel bearings of this type bears mainly on the cooperation of a plurality of cutting members adapted to grind and groove the stone in straight lines and in sufficient numbers to allow the production of the agate bearings in considerable quantities. In grooving the agate bearings it is necessary to provide means for preventing the agate from tilting either in a vertical or transverse direction, thereby insuring that the groove be correctly placed and aligned. Otherwise the groove would be misplaced either obliquely, transversely or vertically, thus rendering the agate useless. The primary object of my invention is to provide a machine whereby a number of agates or like bearings may be simultaneously grooved and polished in a minimum of time and at a relatively small cost. A further object is to provide means whereby the grooves are correctly placed and automatically maintained in such position. A further object is to provide means whereby the agates may be adjustably mounted and dismantled quickly while allowing for automatic variation of position to adapt themselves to irregularities in the mounting of the cutting blades.

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