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US Patent: 130,853
Improvement in Implements for Ringing Hogs
Hugh W. Hill - Decatur, IL

USPTO Classifications:
119/835, 606/117, 72/409.02, 72/48

Tool Categories:
pliers : hog ring


H. W. Hill & Co. - Decatur, IL

Edwin H. Lapham
Frank A. LeForgee
John Gross
Charles P. Housum

Patent Dates:
Granted: Aug. 27, 1872

Patent Pictures: [ 1 | 2 ]
Hugh W. Hill Pat. August 27, 1872
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A pliers type hog-ringer. The jaws have cupped faces to hold a wire staple. The "rings" shown in the patent have "curved backs" to facilitate bending. The tool has a set screw to limit the depth of penetration of the staple.

Known examples marked HILL*S HOG RINGER PAT APL-18-65 and AUG-27-72 do not have a spring to hold the jaws in "normal open" position. The set screw's function is adopt the jaw closure to various sizes of the the corresponding blank ring.

In the 1880s, Hill brought suit against several hog ring makers for patent infringement when they produced rings similar to the one described in this patent. (Hill v. Biddle and others; Hill v. Smith ).

The April 18, 1865 patent most likely is Theodore G. Pelton's "Improved Hog-Tamer," (patent no. 47,329) which uses a pliers type tool to insert a barbed staple into a hog's snout.

Hill obtained a subsequent hog ring pliers patent in May, 1878 (no. 203,272).

Hill took Charles P. Housum as a partner (see pat. no. 156,669); Housum retired in 1891 and Hill sold the business to Decker Mfg. Co. of Keokuk, IA in 1894.

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