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US Patent: 1,398,054
Socket Wrench
Walter A. Abegg - Los Angeles, CA

USPTO Classifications:
16/DIG.40, 81/124.6, 81/177.85, 81/185

Tool Categories:
wrenches : socket wrenches

Walter A. Abegg - Los Angeles, CA
Baldwin Reinhold - Los Angeles, CA

Not known to have been produced

Virginia I. Beringer

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jul. 16, 1919
Granted: Nov. 22, 1921

Patent Pictures:
Walter A. Abegg patent Nopv. 22, 1921
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Improvement on Abegg's Jan. 11, 1921 patent no. 1,365,071 for firmly attaching sockets to handles. In one form the clamping screw to attach handle and socket is placed inside the bore of the socket rather than being reached through a hole in the side of the socket. In another form, a wedge clamps the split shank to the socket.

Subsequent Abegg patent no. 1,422,067 moves closer to a typical spring / ball retainer attaching sockets to shanks.

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