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US Patent: 15,413
Planing Metal
Edwin C. Cleveland - Worcester, MA

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metalworking machines : metal planers


Thayer, Houghton & Co. - Worcester, MA
New York Steam Engine Works - Worcester, MA
New York Steam Engine Works - New York, NY

W. W. Rice
Charles C. Coleman

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jul. 29, 1856

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for New York Steam Engine Works
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Thayer, Houghton & Co.
This patent is of interst because E. C. Cleveland was the "& Co." in the firm of Thayer, Houghton & Co., where Cleveland made machinist's tools. Cleveland (and the firm he was partner in) are almost completely forgotten now.

My invention consists in the employment or use of a friction box connected by gearing with the screw which operates the tool stock. The friction block being provided with adjustable dogs; the above parts being arranged as will be hereinafter described; whereby the tool may be adjusted or fed at varying distances, as desired, at each stroke of the bed according to the nature of the work.

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