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GB Patent: GB-163,500,087
Machine for cutting scale-board
William Webb - unknown, unknown

USPTO Classifications:

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : specialty machines : box making machines
woodworking machines : specialty machines : veneer machines

William Webbe - unknown, unknown
Sarah Jerome - unknown, unknown

Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Jan. 01, 1635

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Patent Specification
The assignee, Sarah Jerome, was a widow and the inventor was deceased. Jerome was Lane's "administratrix" and Lane owed her money. Lane had been "by profession a joyner, and "did with his greate charge invent an engyne for the cutting of tymber into thynne peeces, called scales, for the making of band boxes, skabberds of swords, and the like very usefull for the common wealth, but by reason of his greate charges in perfectinge the same engyne, and some losses that befell him, the said Lane became indebted to the same petiticonner and diverse other persons, and aboute three years since died soe indebted, leaveing noe estate or meanes to satisfie his debts, but only the saide engyne; the saide Sarah Jerome, upon hope and encouragement of receaveing some benefitt by the said engyne towards the satisfleing of her owne debte and of the reste of the creditors, did take forth letteres of administraçon of the goods of the saide John Lane, and hath thereuppon been enforced to expende and disburse a hundred marks or thereaboute in recovering the said engyne out of the hands of one William Burrowes, to whome the same was mortgaged for debte; whereupon shee hath humbly petiçoned Us, that for the better enabling of her to raise some benefitt by the said engyne for the satisflieing of the saide Lane's debts, Wee would bee graciously pleased to graunt unto her Our Letteres Pattents of privilidge for some terme of yeares, for the sole exerciseing of the said engyne... doe give and graunte, unto the said Sarah Jerome, and, att her humble nomynaçon and requeste, unto William Webbe... full and sole lycence...for and during the term of fourteene yeares..."

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