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US Patent: 172,306
William Esty - Fitchburg, Worcester County, MA

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metalworking machines : metal planers : metal planer accessories
work holding : vises : chucks

Putnam Machine Co. - Fitchburg, Worcester County, MA

Not known to have been produced

John Burney
H. J. Harrington
William P. Edwards
B. Andrews, Jr.

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 08, 1875
Granted: Jan. 18, 1876

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Putnam Machine Co.
N. C. Lombard - patent attorney

Improvements in Planing-Machine Chucks, of which the following, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification. My invention relates to a chuck or clamping device, to be bolted to the bed of a planer, and provided with suitable devices for clamping the article to be planed, and adapted to be readily adjusted to any desired-angle about a vertical axis, to adapt the article to be planed to the proper position relative to the planer-tool, without' disturbing the fastenings by which said chuck is secured to the planer-bed; and it consists, first, in the use, in a planer-chuck made in two parts, one of which is or may be bolted firmly in any desired place upon the upper surface of a planer-bed, and the other fitted thereto and adapted to be adjusted thereon about a vertical axis, and provided with a fixed and a movable jaw for clamping the article to be planed, of a circular hub projecting from one of said parts in the form of the frustum of a cone, with its outer end the largest, said hub being fitted into a dovetailed slot or groove formed in the contiguous face of the other part of said chuck, said slot extending from the periphery or outer edge of said piece to its center, and its end terminating in a semicircle concentric with the center of the chuck, and a gib fitted to slide in said dovetailed slot, and having its inner end cut concave and beveled from a vertical plane, so as to nicely fit the convex and tapered side' of the hub projecting from the first-named piece of said chuck, and a screw-bolt and nut adapted to force said gib against the hub and clamp it firmly in position, as will be further described. My invention further consists in. making said gib forked at its inner end, so as to form two curved and beveled wedges adapted to act upon the conical hub, in combination with a stationary nut located between the forks of said gib and a clamping-screw, which passes through a portion of the outer end of said gib, and fitted with suitable threads to work in said nut, for the purpose of adjusting and controlling said gib. My invention further consists in extending the bottom portions of the T-shaped slots formed in the upper side of the upper part of the chuck, to receive the T-heads of the clamping-bolts, for holding the movable jaw through the side of said upper or movable portion of the chuck, to facilitate the removal of dirt or chips of iron or other metal from said slots, as will be further described.

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